Demag 100 Tonne

The Terex/Demag AC100 is an All Terrain crane with a lift capacity of 120 tons (100 tons metric). Its single cylinder automatic variable telescoping boom system has a maximum length of 194 feet.

The AC100 is powered by an eight cylinder 462hp engine, which drives a ZF AS-Tronic 14 speed transmission with 12 forward speeds and 2 reverse. A hydro-pneumatic suspension with axle load compensation helps keep the ride level and comfortable.The AC100 also comes with a standard 42,000 pounds of counterweight in 5 pieces, expandable to 54,000 pounds.

Grove 200 Tonne

The Grove GMK5200 All Terrain crane has a capacity of 200 tons. Equipped with Grove’s unique TWIN-LOCK system, it has a fully hydraulic, seven-section main boom length of 196 feet, and hydraulic luffing jib lattice extensions that extend an additional 72 feet. 


Combined with fast highway speeds and excellent off-road performance, the Grove GMK5200 is both efficient and capable.

22 Tonne Franna 

Our Terex AT-22  Tonne Franna is ideal for your General Pick and Carry jobs. With 17.9 meters of main boom, 1.5 meters of optional fly and 40 degrees of articulation it’s great for getting in and out of those tight jobs.